Klausimai / FAQ



What language is primarily spoken at this camp?

English. This camp was founded for and serves kids with Lithuanian heritage who little or no Lithuanian fluency. But all campers (stovyklautojai) will learn new Lithuanian words and phrases throughout the week!

When does camp begin & end?

Camp begins on Sunday, July 28th. Camper check in is open from 2:30pm  3:30pm.

Camp ends on Sunday, August 4th at 11 am. Parents are to pick up campers before 12:00pm.

How do I register?

Go to Registracija/Registration section for complete instructions.

What is the cost?

$325 for each camper. $340 if paying by credit card.

What happens if I pay for camp and later decide to cancel for any reason?

You will get a refund less $100 fee/camper.

What do I need to pack for camp?

  • Prescription Medications
  • Epi Pens (per your requirements)
  • Bug repellent
  • Sun screen lotion
  • All toiletries: soap,shampoo, tooth paste & brush, deodorant, etc.
  • Sheets to cover a twin mattress
  • Sleeping bag
  • Thin sheet to sleep under for hotter days
  • Pillow and pillow cases
  • Towels (beach & bath)
  • Swim suits
  • Clothes for daily outdoor fun (shorts,!-shirts,gym shoes, sandals)
  • Longer clothing both to repel bugs at a bonfire OR for outdoor evening activities.
  • One 'dressy' outfit for the last evening (skirt, blouse, sundress, nicer shorts, collared shirt, etc.) Why? Because that evening we have a more elegant dinner, perform the Lithuanian folk dances learned throughout the week, and enjoy the wonderful camper talent show.

How are the campers grouped?

Each camper is assigned to a group (burelis) generally by age groupings (e.g. 7-8-9 year olds,etc.) and each group has a counselor (vadovas). Some groups will also have a junior counselor to assist the lead counselor. The groups sleep in barracks with about 5-6 kids per room with their counselors.Each group occupies 1-2 rooms. Meeting other kids is EASY!!!They are all around you!Counselors are trained to help kids quickly make friends!  The camp staff will also help facilitate friendship building. We Have lots of staff members supporting the counselors; our staff to camper ratio is about 1:2 !


Is there swimming at camp?

Yes. Spyglys (pronouced: Spee-glease) is a 5-acre lake with a sandy beach.Lifeguards are present during scheduled swim periods.

What is the camp policy on drugs and alcohol?

ZERO TOLERANCE. IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL. (see the Agreement / Susitarimas in the Camper

Registration Packet)

Can I change my group (burelis) assignment once Iget to camp?

No,all assignments are carefully predetermined and are final for the duration of camp.

What happens with any unspent moneyin my ice cream store account?

It becomes a donation to Lithuanian Heritage Camp.Please consider your budget carefully because we cannot issue refunds on unused balances.

Can campers call their parents?

Yes, in emergencies,a phone is available.

Can campers bring their mp3,DVD, gameboy, cell phones OR other techy stuff?

Some ot these items are prohibited, others are allowed with restrictions. See the Agreement / Susitarimas in the Camper Registration Packet for full details.